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Top Tree Service & Gardening WordPress Themes

This generation is a digital-driven one, and this will likely be the case for a long time from now. That is why a lot of businesses are working hard to take advantage of the digital world and everything it offers. And tree care and gardening services, and other related services, are actively participating in this digital evolution. Many of them are quickly constructing websites from WordPress themes to help bring their services closer to their potential customers. But which is the best tree service and gardening WordPress theme?

After a lot of research and sifting through a lot of customer reviews, we have come up with the top five tree service and gardening WordPress themes. Here you go.
Top 5 Tree Service and Gardening WordPress Themes
Themily Landscaping, Tree Service and Gardening WordPress Theme
Krafty Home Repair And Constructions WordPress Theme
Greenora Organic Farming Agriculture WordPress Theme
Arbify Arborist Tree Service and Gardening WordPress Theme
Greenscape Lawn Mowing and Garden Landscaping WordPress theme
Top 5 Tree Service and Gardening WordPress Themes

  1. Themily Landscaping, Tree Service and Gardening WordPress Theme
    This WordPress theme is for you if your business involves gardening, lawn mowing, landscape design, or other similar services. And the features of the theme suggest that Themily went all out on to design it.

The first remarkable feature of Themily gardening WordPress theme is its SEO optimization. SEO optimization is very important, and that is why Themily gathered professionals to optimize the theme to boost search rankings. In addition, the theme’s compatibility with plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack allows you to take your SEO optimization to the next level. Site speed is another criterion that search engines make use of when ranking websites. That is why the developers designed this theme to be light and quick, making it better optimized for SEO.

Themily tree service and landscaping WordPress theme also has an applaudable level of responsiveness. This responsiveness makes your website look perfect, from big desktop screens to small mobile screens. With Bootstrap frameworks serving as the backbone of the theme, special attention is given to the theme’s efficiency on mobile phones and tablets. To put it simply, this theme does not compromise on functionality, ease of use and efficiency on all platforms.

This theme has many more features that make it stand out among others, but one particularly interesting one is the theme blog. The developers built this blog with many layouts to support the most commonly used post types, allowing you to create video and audio content with ease.

  1. Krafty Home Repair And Constructions WordPress Theme
    The design of this WordPress theme is such that it fits the purposes of building services, interior design, architecture, and many more. However, a standout use of this WordPress theme is for gardening and lawn mowing services. And as robust as this WordPress theme is, it is remarkably efficient for lawn mowing and gardening services.

You don’t need prior knowledge of coding or managing website templates to use this theme. Apart from the fact that it is very easy to use, it also comes with well-detailed documentation to guide you through its use. And if the need arises, a professional support team is always ready to help you out. You also don’t have to exhaust all your valuable time trying to design your pages. This is because the theme has a really fast page builder that simplifies the page building process.

Just like other WordPress themes that are worth their money, Krafty gardening WordPress theme comes with a handful of blog layouts. These diverse layouts will make your blog completely unique. Finally, Krafty offers you a free lifetime update after the first purchase.

  1. Greenora Organic Farming Agriculture WordPress Theme
    Greenora rolled up their sleeves and did a great deal of work on this organic farming WordPress theme. This theme is designed for farming and other agriculture businesses. With it, you can build that website your farm business needs to connect with new and old customers.

With this theme comes a visual page builder that helps make the design of your website ridiculously easy. As you make the adjustments, you see the effects in real-time. With this, even anyone with a shallow technical background could easily find their way around Greenora WordPress theme. Also, whenever you need help with installing or using the theme at any point, you can easily reach out to their ever responsive support team.

The responsiveness of their support team is only matched by the responsiveness of the WordPress theme itself. And that is why website you build with it would appear perfect on small and big screens. The SEO optimization of this theme is just another entry on Greenora’s lengthy list of commendable features. With this theme, you only have to worry about the SEO optimization of the content you post on the site. The theme itself is already well optimized to rank high on search engine results pages.

  1. Arbify Arborist Tree Service and Gardening WordPress Theme
    If you have an arborist service, branch cutting and tree removal service, or any other tree care service, Arbify WordPress theme might just be what takes your services to the next level. The developers designed every single functionality on this theme with arborist and tree care services in mind. They optimized every line of code while getting rid of any unnecessary burden that could slow the theme down. If that makes little sense to you, just know that the website you build with this theme would be simple, fast and efficient. This functionality alone could increase your site’s ranking on the search engine results page.

To further increase your chances of ranking higher, the developers optimized the tree service website template for SEO. This theme has everything that could make search engines give a higher preference to your site above other similar sites. All you have to do is to be a little SEO conscious with the contents of your website to prop your website ranking even higher.

In addition to all these, the theme is easy to use, backed up by a support team to help you out when you hit a rock, and optimized for excellent performance across all platforms.

  1. Greenscape Lawn Mowing and Garden Landscaping WordPress Theme
    If its bright colours and beautiful designs don’t attract you, the exciting features of Greenscape WordPress theme will. This theme is for you if you are into services that involve lawn care and mowing, garden landscaping, exterior design, and other similar services. Its functionalities, including your social media icons, your logo, and navigation menu, are well organised and placed within easy reach of your website visitors.

Building a website with Greenscape lawn care WordPress theme is as easy as thinking about it. That is what the theme’s Unyson drag-and-drop page builder is for. An advantage of using the page builder is that it allows you to design your website pages to the last detail without having to write a single line of code. And if you still keep running into obstacles using the theme, Greenscape support team is always ready to help you out.
These themes are the top WordPress themes for plant care, landscaping, and exterior design services. Of course, there are some others that did not make the list but are still their money’s worth. Putting all of them on this list could make it last forever. We carefully selected and reviewed these five so we can offer you the best tree service and gardening WordPress themes.

So, there you have it. There are countless potential customers waiting for you out there. Grab one of these themes and build yourself a website that makes it easy for customers to find you.

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