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Top Tree Service & Gardening WordPress Themes

This generation is a digital-driven one, and this will likely be the case for a long time from now. That is why a lot of businesses are working hard to take advantage of the digital world and everything it offers. And tree care and gardening services, and other related services, are actively participating in this digital evolution. Many of them are quickly constructing websites from WordPress themes to help bring their services closer to their potential customers. But which is the best tree service and gardening WordPress theme?

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Collection of the Best WordPress Themes for Digital Services in 2020

If your services exist in the digital sphere, you might have come across some WordPress themes that were supposed to make your website building process easy. Rather, you discovered that it was even more complicated than you thought. But unlike those websites templates that you’ve tried, this collection of best WordPress themes for digital services will make your website building ridiculously simple.

Best WordPress Themes for Digital Services
Targify Marketing Automation SAAS WordPress Theme
Integear IT Company and Agency WordPress Theme
Amply Web Design and Digital Business WordPress Theme
ColorLab Printing Design Service WordPress theme
DotDigital Web Design Agency WordPress Theme

Best WordPress Themes for Digital Services

  1. Targify Marketing Automation SAAS WordPress Theme
    The makers of Targify designed it for services that involve market automation, sales and inbound marketing, and other marketing services. They added all the features that anyone involved in such services could ever need to engage their customers. And these features set it apart as one of the best digital design WordPress themes in 2020.

Targify is an easy-to-use WordPress theme that has Bootstrap 4 grid as its backbone. This gives this digital marketing WordPress theme, a versatility that allows it to run smoothly across all platforms. Although this quality is impressive, the speed of operation its Unyson framework offers makes the theme outstanding. And when your website template is fast, your website ranks higher on search the engine results page. In case you were wondering what this means for you: It means more website visitors!

Targify WordPress theme has many awesome predesigned layouts that you can choose from. The chances that you would not find at least one that interests you are minimal. And to add to that, the theme comes with appealing features like Google maps, color settings, fonts, working contact forms, and many more. Also, getting access to the demo of the theme is as easy as clicking a button.

Of its many possible uses, Targify WordPress theme is best for web apps and SAAS projects. But it can also serve as a social media marketing WordPress theme. It is simple to use, affordable, easy to customize to your liking, SEO friendly, responsive and fast.

  1. Integear IT Company and Agency WordPress Theme
    Integear WordPress theme comes to the rescue of IT companies looking for a WordPress theme that allows them to get creative with their websites. Startup IT agencies stand to gain the most from this WordPress theme.

The WordPress theme focuses on the digital industries, helping them to flaunt their contents on beautiful and attractive websites. The best thing about this theme is that it offers you an ocean of features while giving you the freedom to use them as it pleases you. Just imagine what you want the website to look like and Unyson Page Builder allows you to design it. All you have to do is to drad’n’drop whatever you want wherever you want it.

The useful plugins that come with the theme are Revolution Slider, Helpdesk Tickets system, events plugins, booked appointments plugin, and more. Ordinarily, these features are enough to get the mouths of many watering. But Integear continues to impress some more by making 9 unique demos available for importing. Overall, this theme has all the markings of a masterclass theme.

  1. Amply Web Design and Digital Business WordPress Theme
    This is another theme that can produce grand results for its users. Amply WordPress theme is for digital businesses, modern corporate websites, web design studios, and other creative digital services.

For a multipurpose theme like this, you might easily assume that websites built on it would be similar. But this is not the case with Amply. Every website designed on this theme can have its own unique look as there are many layouts and options to choose from. With these options, you can spread your creativity wings and bring that website of your dreams to life. Also, the theme has the latest technologies working underground to make it run smoothly and quickly on all platforms. The responsiveness of the WordPress theme also makes it easy to navigate on both small and big screens.

Amply web design and digital business WordPress theme has everything you may need to bring your services to the forefront of search engine result pages. It can do this because the developers optimised it for the search engine. Talk about expert level SEO.

Overall, Amply web design agency WordPress theme is one of the best for creative agencies, corporate and financial websites, online businesses, and other similar businesses.

  1. ColorLab Printing Design Service WordPress theme
    Printing services are an integral part of the digital world. And ColorLab WordPress theme is for the major stakeholders in the printing service arm of the digital space. The theme has something for every creative entrepreneur and printing services out there.

ColorLab comes with three predefined color schemes and a couple of layouts that you can use to build beautiful websites. The theme is responsive and displays perfectly on all screens without misplacing any single detail. To add to that, the theme has WooCommerce support which allows you to easily cater for sales on your website. There are also many other splendid features on the theme which you can rely on to build unique websites. These features include a pack of fonts and icons, widgets for users can interact with, Mailchimp plugin for email marketing, etc. And if you need help when building your website with this theme, they have a support crew ready to put you through.

  1. DotDigital Web Design Agency WordPress Theme
    DotDigital WordPress theme is for businesses that involve marketing and branding services, web design services, web development, SEO marketing, app development, and other similar businesses. To put it simply, anyone that has a service in the digital industry can put this spectacular WordPress theme to a useful purpose. Its design is such that it easily accommodates these various purposes with a wide variety of features and tools.

DotDigitals offers you a lot of plugins, design layouts and other impressive features. And it allows you to play around with all these instruments without restricting your creativity. Thanks to Unyson Page builder, you can easily drag and drop any component that catches your fancy. And if you get lost at any point, there is documentation that you can rely on to help find your way. There is also a 5star support team waiting for you to contact them.

DotDigital WordPress theme is fully functional, easy to use, and SEO friendly. Its responsiveness is also an applaudable feature on it.
You don’t have to waste time looking for good digital services wordpress themes anymore. And the good thing about these themes is that you don’t really need a technical background before you can use them effectively