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Best Car Services WordPress Themes in 2020

Car repair services will remain essential in our daily activities as long as we have a road network of cars. And since the world has long gone digital, car service owners are marrying their businesses with the internet via websites. The union between car services and car services is promising, as it offers customers easy access to the services they need.

However, car services that don’t have functional websites are losing customers to their website wielding counterparts. If you belong to the former category, this article is for you. In this article is a list of the 5 best auto services WordPress themes in 2020. The list contains WordPress themes for automotive repairs, roadside mechanic assistance, car dealerships, driving schools, and other similar services.

5 Best Car Services WordPress Themes
AutoZone Auto Dealer & Car Rental Theme
EnginX Auto Repair Services WordPress Theme
EdLane Driving School WordPress Theme
Car Repair Auto Mechanic & Adjustment WordPress theme
Towy Emergency Auto Towing and Roadside Assistance Service WordPress Theme
Wrap Up
5 Best Car Services WordPress Themes

  1. AutoZone Auto Dealer & Car Rental Theme
    If you are into auto dealerships and car rental services, check out AutoZone WordPress theme. This WordPress theme might be what you need to increase your sales and reach new customers. And all you have to do is implement this affordable WordPress theme on your website.

One thing that scares people away from using WordPress themes is the idea that they need some major technical knowledge to use them. Contrarily, AutoZone car rental WordPress theme has an intuitive design that makes it ridiculously easy to use. With this auto repair WordPress theme, you have 110 elements and 550 options at your disposal. And they are all organized in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the least geeky user.

Not only does the WordPress theme have features that make it easy to connect with your customers, but it also comes fully fitted with features to promote your sales. You can easily add, monetize, and manage your ads with its built-in ad features. There is also a remarkable list of plugins on this WordPress theme to maximize the potentials of your car rentals business. The plugins include WooCommerce, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and some others.

If instead of dealerships and rental services for cars, yours is for boats and yachts, you would find AutoZone WordPress themes equally useful. The auto repair WordPress theme has an option that allows you to create custom fields to replace the car field.

  1. EnginX Auto Repair Services WordPress Theme
    As long as your services involve cars, EnginX WordPress theme could be more useful to you than you thought. Whether it is an auto repair workshop, car rental or dealership, or sales of car parts, you would find EnginX to be a useful tool in your inventory.

With this WordPress auto repair theme, you can easily design a website that looks professional, yet friendly enough to put your customers at ease. There are a lot of options and building blocks with which you can easily design your dream car services website. And these options are intuitively organized to make them easy to find and use. EnginX is fitted with Unyson Page Builder, which allows you to drag-and-drop features. Unyson also allows you to import demo content and create a backup without stress.

And when you build your website with EnginX car services WordPress theme, you would have no issues with page responsiveness. Varying screen sizes would not affect the rendition of your website content.

Finally, the website template comes with service plugins that help you connect with your customers seamlessly.

  1. EdLane Driving School WordPress Theme
    EdLane is a modern and professional WordPress theme that was designed for driving schools, driving courses, driving classes, and private driving lessons. This WordPress theme is a standout WordPress theme, as it possesses a lot of features and options to help you satisfy your customers.

EdLane has a unique layout that allows you to organize your content in a way that is appealing and attractive to viewers. It also allows you to organize your website with pages like members, courses, contact, and many more. And it does all these while being fully responsive. Your website contents would remain attractively organized across all screens.

This affordable WordPress theme has Unyson Page Builder as its backbone, allowing you to design and manage your website as it pleases you. And when you buy the theme, you have the attention of its friendly support team. These unique features add up to make EdLane one of the best car services WordPress themes.

  1. Car Repair Auto Mechanic & Adjustment WordPress theme
    Car Repair WordPress theme is another WordPress theme that dazzles with its efficiency. You can use this theme for your car services, including repairs, car part sales, parking business, and other similar services. As long as your services involve cars, this WordPress theme would serve you well.

Not only does the theme provide live demo content for your car repair services, but it also has demo content for parking services and retro automobiles. The WordPress auto repair theme has a modern and friendly outlook that attracts customers to your website. With the theme, you can design an interactive homepage from which customers can explore your services.

Car Repair Auto Mechanic & Adjustment WordPress theme also comes with gallery and blog options. These allow you to wow your customers with your achievements and knowledge. To add to all that, there are a lot of cool features like Unyson Page Builder, and plugins like WooCommerce.

If you need help with the theme, you can avail yourself of the well-detailed theme documentation. Or you could watch the video tutorials provided by the support team to help.

  1. Towy Emergency Auto Towing and Roadside Assistance Service WordPress Theme
    This is probably one of the most expressive car services WordPress themes you would find out there. Towy roadside mechanic WordPress theme is stuffed with useful and intuitive features that showcase the skills and thoughtfulness of the developers. This WordPress theme completely caters to all roadside car assistance services, including car towing, car wash, car repairs, electric car charging stations, and other similar services.

Towy has a high-quality hub of functions and designs that allow you to serve your customers in every possible way. It runs on Twitter Bootstrap v3 and doesn’t contain junk codes. It is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use WordPress theme. There are templates for just about any page you need, including the team page, about page, FAQ, Coming Soon, and many others. You can choose between dark and light versions to enhance your user experience. There are also options for headers, footers, side menus, and breadcrumbs at your disposal.

For a theme that has these many functionalities, you may think building your website with it would be complicated. Towy, however, has everything that would guide you through the website building process with ease, thanks to its Unyson Page Builder feature. All you have to do is to drag a feature and drop it wherever you want it. And if you still have some issues, you can contact its friendly support team for help.
Wrap Up
Before we picked these 5 best car services WordPress themes, we reviewed a lot of themes. And after gathering inputs from professionals and end-users, these themes were found to be among the best. You can avail yourself of their appealing features as you look to build an online presence for your car service business.